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Legal Knowledge as a Fundamental Right
Empowerment for the People

Bantu Semua, BantuYou

BantuYou is a legal aid platform run by assiduous lawyers to help marginalised communities encompassing the vulnerable and unfortunate. We run instrumental programs like the legal aid centre, provide free legal assistance to help low-income families apply for probate or letter of administration, help women and children of domestic abuse, etc.

Our commitment and attention to detail are held at the highest level whilst maintaining professionalism and accessibility to all members of society. An NGO for legal services, if you will.

Our Mission

"In law, nothing is certain but the expense."

The same can be said for life, as everything comes with a price. Not everyone has access to quality legal advice, but everyone deserves a voice. Those impoverished in the “Vulnerable Community” should have equal opportunity to improve and enrich their lives. will 

We aim to educate and share legal knowledge with the downtrodden, ensuring they have the legal assistance needed. In the grand scheme of things, we hope to establish a harmonious and caring civilisation together.

Our Objectives

Promote the Good Fight

BantuYou strongly values the well-being of every individual regardless of colour, creed and class. One of our primary objectives is to encourage communities, especially the younger generation, to exercise their expertise and capabilities in helping those in need.

Empower the People

We want to nurture the younger generation by empowering them to grow and reach their fullest potential through collaborations and to foster a spirit of knowledge-sharing amongst fellow members.

Raise Awareness

It is also imperative that we educate, prepare publications and create awareness on legal issues.

Provide Action

 To conduct legal and welfare programmes, legal aid, and host community centre in order to make good on our budding achievements.

Collaborate for a Cause

We are infinitely open to exploration and collaboration with others who intends to assist the Vulnerable Community.

Our Priorities

Supporting Low-Income Families and Special Population

Individuals and families in the low-income bracket as well as the vulnerable population, including the elderly, disabled, veterans, and those with language, cultural and educational barriers.  

Maintaining Economic Stability

Prevention of unemployment, predatory lending, and exploitive sales practices; while striving for income stability for the disabled or those unable to obtain employment.

Promoting Safety and Health

Prioritisation of cases against domestic violence, sexual harassment and assault. We also seek to preserve the health of communities and their respective members through individual representation and policy advocacy.

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Preserving Access to Justice

Prioritisation of activities designed to unite the entire community in ensuring access to justice. Special attention will be placed on pro bono services for the Vulnerable Community and responding to the needs of local communities.

Get Help from BantuYou

At BantuYou, we hear and value every voice. Engage us for personable legal services or contact us to find out more.